Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Heat is On

Friday I ran a 15k with my sister. We both had a great time and placed in our age groups. I was surprised with a second place female over-all finish.
I know I should be focused on recovery now, but can't seem to resist the call of the road. But on my Monday morning run I could definitely feel a shift in the weather. It. Was. Hot. So yesterday I hit the treadmill:
I'm lucky to be married to an emerging runner. Last August my husband started running at 6:00 every morning. Of course I tag along with him. We can pretty much count on it being nice and cool at that time (down-right frigid in the winter). Any running after that time will be done on the treadmill until cooler temperatures return.
This morning after 3 miles with my husband, I couldn't decide between Nutella and good old-fashioned butter: 
So why not both? 
Now off to do some Barre3 online, the to the DMV with my 15 year old. Wish me luck!

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