Thursday, July 24, 2014

Road trippin'

The view on my morning run looked something like this:

We are spending the week in Cache Valley. It's our little slice of heaven. Miles of rolling hills and farmland. It feeds my soul. 

Yesterday, on a whim, we decided to take a day trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We're missing out on Epic Cache-Teton Relay this year (so bummed) and just couldn't handle an entire summer without glimpsing the snake river.

We got a little friendly with these guys:

I was really tempted, I mean REALLY tempted to get out and hug one, but thought the better of it. A photo would just have to do.

Then I convinced my daughter to show off her skills in the town square.

We did the whole trip in one day--3 hours of driving each way. We did get a little hangy (you know, so hungry you're angry). It was a good thing I loaded up on healthy car snacks before we left.

These cookies were a lifesaver, let me tell you. We are a little sugar addicted in our house, but these cookies make it seem not so bad.

Our niece and her husband are guides on the Snake River. They spend their summer at a Boy Scout camp taking boats full of scouts and tourists down the river all day. Let me tell you they are living the dream. We stopped by to say hello to them before we headed home. 

Not even a half mile down the road we came across this accident in the Snake River canyon:

I know this is an aweful picture so let me tell you what we saw. This truck which had been towing a flatbed trailor crossed the center line, clipped a van, then went right into the guard rail, coming to a stop with the front wheel projecting over the edge. The truck was literally inches from going over the edge and plummeting into the river below. Scary.

It was a good reminder to buckle up and drive safe. 

We got home as the sun went down, exhausted but so happy we'd made the drive.

Where are you road tripping this summer? 
What are your must-have road trip foods?
Ever been to Jackson Hole?

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