Friday, July 11, 2014

I have man hands!

Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where he dates the lady with "man hands"?
That would be me today. 
I got stung by a wasp yesterday morning. Oh, sure it itched and burned and swelled up then. But at 3:30 this morning it jolted me out of bed. Swollen, itching, burning, throbbing. That venom is no joke!
Wasps--nasty little jerks!
I signed my husband and myself up for a 10k tomorrow morning. It will be my husband's first official 10k. He ran an accidental 10k in December when my sis-in-law and I ran the Baker's Dozen Half Marathon. Best. Race. Ever. You run a 3.25 mile loop. At the completion of every loop you eat a treat (cookies, donuts, that kind of stuff) and continue. They even hand out hot chocolate at the aid stations. (Which sounded gross to me, but my sis-in-law assured was awesome.) My husband ran the first loop to complete the 5k but felt so good he just kept going. We stopped him before he finished the half because until that day he'd never fun further than 3 miles.
That is me, my sis-in-law Janelle, and Buddy the Elf (a.k.a. race director Fast Cory).
Anyways. Since yesterday was a long run (long for me, anyway), and I was up all night with burning man hands, and I am running a 10k tomorrow, today must be a rest day, right? 
Rest day = yoga/Pilates day.  
Last week before our 15k my sister and I decided to display our most impressive yoga poses. It may have gotten a little competitive.
I may have been a little sore afterward. 
Because I am a Sport Yoga instructor, I get asked all the time if I can do "all those crazy poses." To which I respond, it's yoga not contortion--there is a difference. Translation: No, I cannot do "all those crazy poses" and I am not especially flexible. But I can lead you through some great strength-building, conditioning, injury-preventing asanas. Namaste. (That's a little joke I have with a friend of mine.)

What's your favorite yoga style?
Are you allergic to bees or wasps?
What race/s are you running this weekend?
Do you end your yoga practice with "namaste"?

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