Thursday, July 17, 2014

Recovery? Who needs it?

Forty minutes into this workout (which I love, give it a try) I was hit right upside the head with migraine. It turns out that taking your kids to the zoo on the hottest day of the year and subsequently becoming dehydrated before trying to run is not a good idea.
Then, because I'm so brilliant, the next day I decided to do a long run. Three miles outside with my husband followed by another 9.5 on the treadmill.
How do I manage long runs on the treadmill?
The Hood to Coast movie on the iPad. Surprisingly, after about an hour of running, all evidence of my migraine was gone. Despite some tired legs, I felt great the rest of the day.
I really should have quit while I was ahead. Should have listened to my brain telling me to take a rest day, or perhaps crosstrain today. But, no. My heart felt like running. And because I'll be cutting my mileage next week while we take some family time away, I wanted to squeeze every possible mile out of this week. This morning I embarked on a run while it was still cool outside. My legs felt tired, heavy. I was definitely sluggish. And as a result, less than a half mile in, I tripped over a lip in the sidewalk. I went down hard and ripped a huge hole in my knee. I mean, I had to clean up chunks of skin. So gross so I will spare you a picture.
Guess what? It seems taking recovery days prevents injury in more ways than one.
This will be my view for the rest of the day while I take a forced recovery day. Unfortunately, my gnarly, bloody knees  will keep me out if the water for now.

Have you ever tripped and fallen while running? Ever fallen off the treadmill? (Yes--it hurts.)

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