Thursday, October 9, 2014

Let the Sunshine In

We live in a noisy world that constantly sends us messages.
Some messages are good. I mean, just think about all the positive body-image messages that have been produced/released lately. Music lyrics and ad campaigns targeting the worn-down self-esteem of  women and girls, lifting and enlightening. Lots of Girl Power going on lately.
And that is great.
But . . .
there are still plenty of negative messages aimed directly at our hearts, minds and souls. We are bombarded with print ads, radio ads, T.V. and films, even entire cable channels directed at filling our time and minds with junk. And the constant message that we never quite measure up.
We hear do this, be that, get this, buy that. More! More! More of everything! 
I literally battle against 'more' every day.
I've said it before and I'll say it again:
You are enough!
Never let anyone tell you that you aren't or that in any way you are lacking.
Yesterday I had the most uplifting conversation with a new friend of mine. She recently had her first baby--an adorable little boy who is smart and full of energy. Her pregnancy was rough, requiring nearly three months bed rest! (I cannot even imagine!) Consequently, she gained quite a bit of weight. Weight that she'd like to lose but the task seems so daunting. She's been working out regularly, eating healthy, and having some success. But some success doesn't quite feel like enough. She feels like she needs to lose more.
Do more! Run more! Sweat more!
The message is overwhelming.
We agreed the word 'more' is the enemy. 
Let's eliminate the word more and watch what happens.
Suddenly things seem doable.
Do! That's it. Don't do more. Just do!
 Run! Sweat! Eat! Pray! Love! Smile!
That's it. 
If by chance you find something within yourself in need of improvement, focus on the little things--baby steps. 
Start by doing the right things--now. One step at a time.

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